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One trend-following strategy that Covel (2006) shares in his book is the Donchian Channel Breakout. This strategy is based on the Donchian Channel, an indicator created by Richard Donchian which consists out of an upper and lower band.

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  • This strategy idea is a variation of the "Donchian Channel" trading strategy. It is built with a highest-high band, a lowest-low band, and a baseline which is average the highest-high and the lowest-low bands. This strategy is very useful in trending instruments on 1W and 1D timeframes. This is the implementation used in the QuantCT app. You can set the operation mode to be Long/Short or long ....

    Channel breakout strategy indicator tradingview

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    Dochian Channel Indicator. by admin » Downloaded 18529 times. Trading Session Hours. ... Volatility breakout indicator. by Apprentice » Mon Aug 15, 2022 10:14 am. ... If you prefer to keep your indicator/strategy to yourself, please read below. Invest your money into better trading. Order proprietary software for your own use only.